Pregnancy and childbirth

The science of teratology studies the causes and mechanisms of abnormalities in fetal development (birth defects). The principle focus is understanding environmental influences during pregnancy, such as medications taken, radiation exposure, and infectious diseases.

For whom is the clinic designated?

The clinic is targeted to women who are planning to become pregnant, women under fertility treatment, women who are pregnant, and nursing mothers.

What are the clinic objectives?

The clinic consults on the impact on fetal development from medication safety (based on existing knowledge), environmental factors (such as radiation), maternal illnesses, and infectious diseases.

What services are offered in the clinic?

  • Clinicians provide explanations and recommendations on how women should proceed following use of, or exposure to, materials that could harm their fetus.
  • Following each meeting, the clinic sends the treating physician a case summary, including the overall safety profile and specific alternatives for additional treatment.

For clinic visits, patients should present the financial commitment form (Form 17) from their health maintenance organization (HMO), or pay the standard clinic fee.

Department details

Sourasky Building
Floor 2
Reception Hours: Mondays 8:00 – 12:00

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