Pregnancy and childbirth

Together with you every step of the way

Each and every Lis team member is personally committed to you—to making your delivery an experience of a lifetime. From the skilled and compassionate staff to the extraordinary facilities, Lis Maternity Hospital is here for you, dedicated to your comfort, your individual needs and the health of your baby.

A rewarding delivery experience

Lis’s expert multi-disciplinary delivery team of obstetricians, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, nurse/midwives and lactation (nursing) consultants help the mother-to-be select her individual delivery, pain management, and feeding method.

One of the unique differentiators of the Lis Labor and Delivery Service is the immediate availability of epidural pain relief—supported 24/7 by unit-based anesthesiologists. This service helps mothers deliver with pleasure instead of pain.

The Lis Natural Birthing Center enables natural, medication-free delivery in a calm, homey environment with the peace of mind that Lis Hospital medical staff and facilities can provide immediate assistance if necessary.

Personalized birthing plan

The labor and delivery team is attentive and responsive to each woman’s wishes and encourages advanced preparation, including the development of a birthing plan. The team believes that each woman has the right to be accompanied by family members and professionals who can support her during the delivery. This includes doulas (labor coaches) and an unlimited number of support partners.

The Lis Labor and Delivery personal delivery nurse attends to the mother’s delivery needs from beginning to end. In addition, the mother’s private doula can have broad responsibility, including technical and practical assistance, as well as emotional support to help parents work in close collaboration with the clinician delivering the baby.

Each woman can choose the mode of delivery most suitable to her, both in terms of pain relief and birthing position (side, back, squatting, sitting, etc.) – provided, of course, that there are no medical contraindications.

World-class facilities

The Lis Maternity Hospital Labor and Delivery Unit features state-of-the-art delivery rooms that are among the most welcoming and well equipped in Israel. The rooms are designed for both function and the comfort of the mother and her support partners. All delivery rooms support pain management methods as well as assisted and natural medication-free childbirth.

Relaxation and pain management methods

Women can choose from a number of relaxation and pain relief methods, such as movement techniques, aqua-therapy, aromatic massage, and TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). Delivery nurses are specially trained in these interventions.

Mothers-to-be may elect to receive an epidural immediately upon request, under the condition that the progress of the delivery allows it. Lis uses the EpiKal method of epidural anesthesia, which provides women with desired pain relief, while keeping them in control and involved in the progress of their delivery. The technique is very similar to an epidural, except for the concentration of the injected anesthetic substance. This technique enables women to move around in bed without pain.

On-site departmental facilities

Operating rooms dedicated to caesarian sections (emergency and elective) and a state-of-the-art recovery facility are located on the unit. There are two units for neonatal intensive care, should the need arise.

Supportive staff

Labor and Delivery is staffed by a team of obstetricians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are always one or two senior staff physicians on duty, in addition to residents, and midwives.

Department details

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+972-3-6972075 - Appintments for Cesarean Section
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