The Center for Women’s Health; Gynecology

The Menopause Center meets the special medical needs of women and men in the corresponding age group for preventive, diagnostic and treatment purposes. The Center’s unique, multi-disciplinary approach to medical care utilizes the latest of treatment modalities in the field, and includes psychological and emotional aspects of care.

​The medical care given at the center is preventive care, both the prevention of menopausal syndromes and the minimization of significant long-range risks of osteoporosis and heart disease. 

Treatments include:

  • Hormone replacement therapy or non-hormonal medical therapy;
  • Nutritional programs rich in calcium
  • Appropriate physical activity (“bone building”) and hydrotherapy (pool exercises)
  • Workshops on coping with mid-life changes and on nutritional needs of this age group.


The center’s staff is multi-disciplinary and includes and gynecology, internist, breast surgeon, dietician and psychologist. As needed, patients are referred for diagnosis and comprehensive medical care at the Urogynecology Clinic, the Endocrinology Clinic, the Unit for Cervical and Uterine Diseases, Ultrasound, and others.

Department details

+972-3-6974000 - Appointments
Sourasky Building
Floor 2
Reception Hours: Wednesdays, 09:00-12:30

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