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Lis Maternity and Women's Hospital

Essential support for expectant and new mothers

MammyLis is a maternity club for women and their partners throughout pregnancy, during delivery, and into the baby's first year of life. Directed by professionals in medicine and psychology, MammyLis offers a range of support activities under one roof, including prenatal classes, personal meetings with midwives, one-on-one breastfeeding planning, and delivery room tours.

Pregnancy, birth and the first months of parenthood are an exciting but emotionally charged period. Parents typically have many questions, and possibly some insecurities as well.

With this in mind, the maternity club is designed for expectant parents setting out on the amazing journey into parenthood. At MammyLis, individuals and couples can find answers to all their questions and receive other information they require.

The MammyLis Team

The MammyLis team includes a multidisciplinary staff of doctors, midwives, credentialed breastfeeding counselors (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants - IBCLC), physiotherapists, and psychologists specializing in women's physical and emotional health. Staff members are available to offer guidance, and help with every question and problem-in a sensitive and supportive environment.
Together expectant parents and the Lis team can help ensure that parents’ experiences are positive, leading into parenthood with ease and enjoyment.

English Guided Tours at Lis

Reserve a tour

MammyLis courses

The following are the courses available to MammyLis members. For detailed information, please contact us.

Free Labor & Delivery Unit Tour in Tel Aviv

Expecting a baby? Come take a free English-speaking tour of the Birthing Center at Lis Maternity & Women’s Hospital (Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center - Ichilov).
Visit the state-of-the-art delivery suites, maternity ward and newborn nursery. Learn about flexible delivery options, including natural childbirth. 
Meet the hospital nurse/midwife team, maternity caregivers, and nursery staff.
English tours take place once a month.
To reserve a spot -  please call +972-3-697-3113 or +972-3-697-4787, or email:

Department details

Sourasky Building
Floor 33

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