Pregnancy and childbirth

Preterm delivery (PTD) before 37 weeks of gestational age occurs in about 10% of pregnancies. Premature newborns often suffer complications due to immaturity of the lungs such as respiratory distress, brain hemorrhage and neurological deficits.

​In most of the cases the cause for PTD is unknown. Uterine malformations and twin pregnancies may also lead to PTD. Medical efforts to stop PTD among women with uterine contractions is of limited effectiveness; generally achieving a delay of just 24-48 hours at best. Recently, several studies have shown that progesterone, a hormone that is responsible for the maintenance of pregnancy, may prevent preterm delivery among women who experienced PTD in previous pregnancies.

The TASMC has established an outpatient clinic for women at high risk for PTD due to either previous PTD or uterine contraction during pregnancy in order to prevent PTD. Headed by Dr. Eli Rimon, this service includes presentational consultation as well as examination and treatment during pregnancy for women with uterine contractions. The clinic also offers a new test that, once administered, has high negative predictive value for PTD for the following two weeks. If the test results are negative and the woman continues taking the progesterone, Dr. Rimon and his staff believe she will not deliver within those two weeks. This important service is free for all women.

Department details

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