The Fertility Institute; The Center for Women’s Health; Laboratory Medicine Division

​Sperm recipients are married, coupled, or single women whose only option to become pregnant is by receiving donated sperm.

Who can donate sperm?

Young, healthy men, who meet the stringent criteria of the Israeli Health Ministry, can donate sperm. These criteria are evaluated in a personal interview with the potential donor and in screening tests (confirming the patient does not have AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases, and is not carrier of genetic conditions, such as Tay-Sachs disease). Men who pass the criteria donate their sperm, which is frozen for future use.

Donor anonymity

In Israel, sperm donation is anonymous. Donated sperm is stored along with a secret code ensuring absolute security of the donor's identifying information. Contrary to what is acceptable in other countries, the donor’s identification cannot be exposed when the offspring reach adulthood.

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