Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital

Renowned world-class medical care

Children treated in the Pediatrics Unit receive top quality care from senior physicians, nurses and other clinicians who specialize in treating children as well as specialists in surgical and internal medicine disciplines for children. This multi-disciplinary team works together to provide outstanding diagnostic evaluations, consultations, therapeutic care, and follow-up in an environment that is sensitive to children’s unique needs.
Procedures are performed using leading-edge monitoring and treatment equipment to provide progressive, state-of-the-art care for its patients.

A special team for special needs

The nursing team provides treatment for toddlers, children, and adolescents who suffer from a variety of conditions, such as respiratory, digestive, and elimination illnesses; heart conditions; neurological problems; and developmental issues.

The unit works to address all the considerations that arise related to a child’s condition. When necessary, an integral part of the care includes social work, psychology, physiotherapy, nutrition services.

Family participation and personalized care

With recognition that family is a core element in a child’s recovery, special emphasis is placed on involving the family in the process. In the Pediatrics Unit, extensive family interaction; individualized attention; caregiver friendliness and trustworthiness during treatment; and quality care are all elements that help ensure treatment success.

Continuity of care

To focus on optimizing care and serving the community, Pediatric Unit staff members treat children at early childhood clinics in Tel Aviv as well as other clinics and urgent care centers, helping provide continuity of care for children in the city. Unit clinicians maintain a strong connection between community physicians who refer patients to the hospital, providing ongoing updates and treatment summaries for a smooth patient return to his/her community caregiver.

Patient follow-up after discharge is provided in the hospital clinics to continue treatment on an outpatient basis as necessary.  

A warm environment

Special emphasis is placed on making the setting kid- and family-friendly. The facility design is bright and welcoming; the building layouts are convenient and support easy navigation. Special hospital features also help ease children’s concerns. For example, the hospital medical clown staff helps children and their families cope with their hospital stay in a fun and entertaining way.

Education center

The hospital features a school for pre-school through high school aged children, offering a variety of educational activities, crafts, and enrichment programs.

Research and education

essential elements of progressive medicine

The unit is affiliated with the pediatric faculty at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine of Tel Aviv University, and provides ongoing instruction to pediatric and family medicine residents. Medical and nursing students from Sackler and the Tel Aviv University Nursing School learn in the unit to complete their education and to receive continuing education.

Department details

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Dana-Dwek Children's Hospital
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Visiting hours: 08:00-20:00

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