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Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital

​Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) extends its expert medical services into the Tel Aviv community, with the My Dana Family Health Center, conveniently located on Dizengoff Street. The Family Health Center's mission is to guide mothers-to-be throughout their important moments – during nine months of pregnancy, following delivery, and with baby care.
Prenatal and post-natal visits for mothers-to-be cover pregnancy monitoring, birth preparation courses, and other services. The center also provides well-baby care (Tipat Halav), including vaccinations according to the Ministry of Health plan and early detection of health issues and developmental defects, as well as parenting courses (for a fee).

Determining eligibility for treatment at My Dana

To determine whether you are zoned for prenatal treatment and well-baby care at the Dizengoff site, enter your residential information in the Tel Aviv municipality site (in Hebrew) or contact My Dana. Other services are available to the general public (some at a fee).

Only babies born after February 1, 2017 are accepted for care. The Family Health Center recommends visiting the well-baby center within 10 to 14 days of birth for an initial introduction, registration, baby weighing and baby-care instructions. Advanced appointments are required.


Well-baby visit information

First visit duration: About one hour

Return visit duration: About 30 minutes

What to bring for the first visit:

  • The newborn's medical and nursing discharge letters and any other relevant hospital documents
  • The mother's medical and nursing discharge letter
  • The mother's pregnancy tracking card
  • The newborn's vaccination book provided by the hospital
  • The parents' identification cards and a recent municipal tax form for proof of residence
  • Documentation of mother's German measles/rubella vaccination (vaccination history card or documentation of past test results)

Well-baby services

  1. Periodic visits: Weight and measurement, developmental assessment, and parental instruction, as well as guidance on diagnostics, therapeutics, and breastfeeding, as needed. Vaccinations according to Ministry of Health guidelines. Parents must present the baby's vaccination booklet. 
  2. Unassisted baby weighings.
  3. Age-relevant periodic assessments on development, vision, and communication (language, comprehension, hearing, and speech) according to the stages of development.
  4. Guidance on early childhood, enrichment, stimulating activities, cognitive development, breastfeeding, proper nutrition, dental health, injury prevention, healthy lifestyle, and more.
  5. Enrichment courses.
  6. Pre- and post-partum depression assessment and provider referral as necessary.
  7. Domestic violence victim identification and assessment. Support, assistance, and connection with community care workers for women in need.
  8. For women of childbearing age: Guidance on behavioral choices that affect health; family planning; preparation for a healthy pregnancy; and prevention of infectious diseases that affect pregnancy. Vaccine for preventing congenital rubella syndrome.
  9. Care at the Family Health Center is not a substitute for emergency medical attention. The center team can identify emergency cases and recommend immediate transfer to the appropriate pediatrician, physician, or hospital.

Progressive services for pregnant women

At the Family Health Center, pregnant women can be monitored by a certified obstetrician, who is a senior physician from Lis Maternity and Women's Hospital.
During routine pregnancy follow-up visits, patients receive recommendations on prenatal tests and genetic disease screenings, including referrals to genetic counseling, if necessary. Patients also receive guidance on taking essential prenatal nutritional supplements, promoting a healthy lifestyle, coping with physical and emotional changes during and after pregnancy, breastfeeding, and more. In addition, mothers-to-be undergo early detection screening for health conditions such as high blood pressure (preeclampsia), overweight/underweight, anemia, diabetes, urinary tract infections, and other pregnancy-related risks. Women are referred to their HMO or clinics for follow-up based on their health status.


Core baby-care classes

Preregistration for nursing instruction, baby yoga, and infant massage classes (in Hebrew) can be made by phone at +972-3-697-3113 or +972-3-697-4787. Members of the MommyLis Maternity Club receive a 10% discount on class fees.

Department details

Fax: +972-3-778-0778
258 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv
Reception Hours: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 07:30-15:30; Mondays, 11:00-19:00

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