Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) treats patients with a wide range of serious pediatric conditions and combines inpatient hospitalization with ambulatory services.

The PICU provides care for children who are medically unstable, suffering from life-threatening conditions, and/or need intensive monitoring and treatment.

World-leading treatment

Care is comprehensive, compassionate and available to children of all ages, regardless of race, religion, nationality or gender. Patients receive treatment by a team of pediatric intensive care specialists and a nursing staff with expertise and training in the field. Care is supported by a multidisciplinary team of physicians and other healthcare professionals. The treatment environment is specially designed for the intensive needs of each individual patient.


Reasons for ICU hospitalization

The most common reasons that patients recieve PICU care, include:

  • Recovery following extensive and/or complex surgeries
  • Serious injuries with multi-system damage and head injuries
  • Respiratory failure, such as severe asthma attacks or lung infections
  • Systemic and multi-systemic deterioration in children with chronic diseases
  • Diseases that put a child in critical condition
  • The need for assisted respiration

In addition, children are hospitalized for intensive monitoring: both invasive and non-invasive, and for invasive procedures such as fiberoptic bronchoscopies, dialysis, hemofiltration and cardiac catheterization.


A mission of patient- and family-centered care

Due to the serious nature of patient illness, immediate family members receive the support they need to cope with their loved one's condition.

Parents receive detailed updates daily, following the doctors' visit. The medical and support staff is available for assistance and consultation at any time of day.


Visits to the unit

Since parental involvement in their child's care is essential, parents are encouraged to remain with their child around the clock (except for special circumstances). In general, other visitors are not permitted.

The unit offers a shared parents' sleeping area, lounge, kitchenette, bathroom, shower, and storage cabinets (unlocked).


Promoting the academic mission

With a commitment to academic training, the unit:

  • Trains future generations of medical, nursing and paramedical professionals

  • Conducts  research to advance medical knowledge, boost understanding of disease and cure, and promote optimal treatment methods

  • Pursues innovation in diagnosis, treatment, and medical technology

Department details

Fax: +972-3-6974434
Dana-Dwek Children's Hospital
Floor 4
Visiting hours: all day long

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