Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital; Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (Plastic Surgery)

A high percentage of surgical procedures performed in the Plastic Surgery Department are pediatric cases. All senior doctors in the department experience in pediatric surgery. The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center is one of the few medical centers in Israel whose surgeons have trained in North America in the unique field of pediatric surgery.

Children requiring treatment are hospitalized in the Dana-Dwek Children's Hospital and are cared for by the department staff.

Main Fields of Treatment

  • Burns
  • Injuries and lacerations (cuts) that require stitches
  • Cleft palate and lip, treated by a multidisciplinary team
  • Microsurgery for reconstruction following injury, cancer or congenital diseases
  • Microsurgical reconstruction for facial reanimation
  • Surgical treatment scars and giant congenital moles
  • Surgery on congenital limb deformities
  • Ear reconstruction and correction of protruding ears
  • Reconstruction of chest wall due to congenital defect
  • Breast reconstruction due to developmental asymmetry
  • Correction of gynocomastia (development of breasts in men)
  • Vascular malformation

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Department details

Sourasky Building
Wing A
Ground Floor

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