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Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital

The unit for Child Development deals with the diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders in premature babies, newborns, babies and children.  These infants suffer from various developmental handicaps, such as general delays in development, motor disorders and complications, speech and communication impediments, and mental and perceptual disorders.

The unit also treats children suffering from behavioral and emotional problems, sight and hearing defects, as well as those who are a medical risk as a result of antenatal defects and familial and environmental deprivation.

The aim of the unit is to locate and diagnose problems as early as possible. The highly professional and skilled staff includes neurologists, psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, speech, hearing and occupational therapists, nurses and professionals in special education.

Following diagnosis the staff decides on the best method of treatment and rehabilitation for the child, and refers him/her to the rehabilitative unit at Beit Abrahams or a community clinic, and then recommends periodic follow-ups.

Main Services

  • Diagnosis and treatment of developmental handicaps in children
  • Follow-up clinic for premature babies and children at high risk

Department details

Dana-Dwek Children's Hospital Clinics
Floor 1
Reception Hours: Sun-Thu: 07:30 - 15:00

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