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Our team at the Innovation and Tech Transfer Office (ITTO) business development unit is at your disposable to assist with information required, brainstorming, discussing new ideas to applicative directions and making sure that your invention will fulfill its full potential.

From idea to product

Our process

1. Introductory meeting

2. The inventor describes the idea behind the invention to our team, and we discuss its novelty and potential applications, as well as whether there is a need for it in today’s market.

3. Disclosure

4. The inventor fills an internal Declaration of Invention (DOI) form, which serves to register the invention’s details and initiates a process of idea evaluation within the business development unit. The DOI form can be downloaded from our website or sent upon request.

5. Evaluation

6. Together with the inventor, the team will analyze the idea from the point of various issues that may be critical during the commercialization process, such as the need for the invention, its novelty, its technological feasibility and it suitability in current and future markets. The medical field for which the invention is intended will be analyzed for existing patents, commercial potentials and compatible clinical environment.

7. Patent application
Following the above evaluation, our team will determine whether TASMC will file a patent application based on commercial potentials and whether funding for project development can be obtained. Official filing and processing of the patent will require cooperation between a patent attorney and the inventor, for obtaining optimal protection of the rights of all parties.

8. Project strategy
To maximize the opportunity for success, our team searches for investors who have the best chances to bring the invention into the market. The associated risks need to be reduced in order to make the project attractive to relevant investors, and this can be achieved by having a firm business plan and/or by taking the project to the next technological stage (e.g., a proof of concept). At this stage, our team decides whether project should enter our pre-incubator program or move on directly to undergo a licensing process.

9. Marketing and license negotiation

10. Monitoring progress

11. Royalty sharing

Contact information

Lilach Weisz
PhD, MBA, Head of Innovation and Tech Transfer Office, Division of R&D
T: +972-3-6974132   M: +972-524262038

Adi Gujski
M.Sc, IP and Marketing management, Innovation and Tech Transfer Office, Division of R&D
T: +972-3-6972490


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6 Weizmann St. Tel-Aviv 64239, Israel
Sourasky Building, Floor 2, Wing E