About the Innovation and Tech Transfer Office (ITTO)

What we do and why

The ITTO presents a growing technology portfolio ranging from Novel therapeutics to diagnostics and medical devices, the result of innovative research into the mechanism of diseases conducted in TASMC research laboratories .ITTO is well versed in advancing collaborations with commercial partners, having signed numerous research and licensing agreements with foreign and Israeli investors, some of which are already in advanced clinical trials. TASMC intellectual property is owned by the Medical Research Infrastructure and Health Services fund near the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. 
ITTO actively promotes entrepreneurship of TASMC staff by establishing and running several in house innovation proprietary programs. These intensive efforts have been yielding an increasing number of licensed technologies
Our Innovation Programs
• The Medical Device Accelerator- is designed to support and manage the development of novel ideas of the staff for medical devices, into patented prototypes and proof of concept studies supported by an internal seed fund. "The Solution Generator", recently established as an additional component of the accelerator, develops solutions to unmet needs defined by the staff, in collaboration various external academic and commercial experts.
• The Innovation Workshop specially developed for physicians is designed to provide basic tools for inventing and developing novel medical devices. 
• The Med-Tech Club meets several times a year.  Its members have the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and industrial experts for brainstorming and networking.

Contact information

Michal Roll
PhD MBA, Deputy Director General for R&D

T: +972-3-697-4761  

Lilach Weisz
PhD, MBA, Innovation and Tech Transfer Office, Division of R&D
T: +972-3-6974132   M: +972-524262038 

Adi Gujski
M.Sc, IP and Marketing management, Innovation and Tech Transfer Office, Division of R&D
T: +972-3-6972490


Tel- Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
6 Weizmann St. Tel-Aviv 64239, Israel
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