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​Neurosurgery Department

The Neurosurgery Department at the Tel Aviv Sourasky medical center performs more than a thousand surgeries annually, utilizing the latest innovations and techniques in neurosurgery, such as neuro-navigation, minimally invasive surgery, intraoperative MRI, computer-assisted brain surgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, endoscopic surgeries, awake brain surgery, and deep brain stimulation.


Renowned as a center of excellence, our department is considered the leading neurosurgery facility in Israel and one of the most advanced in the world, offering patients world-class surgical procedures and treatment options.

Our team of top neurologists diagnoses and treats many rare and complex neurological conditions. The procedures we perform include microsurgery and other complex operations to treat brain and spinal tumors, vascular interventions and surgeries for aneurysms and vascular malformations, surgery of all spinal cord segments, anterior and posterior approaches for disc removal, vertebrae transplants, implants and other techniques for fusing the vertebrae, endoscopic surgery, Hydrocephalus treatment using various shunting techniques, treatment of severe epilepsy, Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders.

The Neurosurgery department includes in-patient and out-patient clinics, an intensive care ward, a joint specialty neurosurgical oncology unit for cancer patients, and a dedicated pediatric neurosurgery department.

For optimal patient care, the department jointly participates in patient treatment teams with doctors from other specialty departments of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, including orthopedic surgeons, endocrinologists, intensive care specialists, ENT doctors, and anesthesiologists.

Surgical Excellence

Our expert surgeons are committed to the highest international standards and dedicated to advancing the field of neurosurgery. They use the latest technologies of endoscopic and minimally-invasive brain surgery, so as to minimize their intervention and operate as quickly and precisely as possible. Some surgeries are carried out while patients are fully conscious, so that the surgeon can see and discuss the effects of the procedure and make modifications to achieve the best possible outcome.

watch a patient playing the violin while undergoing DBS implantation.

As leaders in the field of neurosurgery, our department is a key participant in educational programs for doctors, nurses, and medical students, and many of our clinicians carry out clinical trials and ground-breaking research at an international level.


1st Choice for Neurosurgery

Our neurosurgery expertise is well-recognized worldwide. We are developing and applying pioneering methods for the treatment of the brain and central nervous system. Because of our broad experience and our use of the latest technology, our brain surgeons can offer patients from overseas the best chance of a successful outcome from even the most complex procedures.



תפריט עמוד

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