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​The world's most innovative and advanced hip replacement surgery table is now in Ichilov's operating theater. 

The table will enable us to perform anterior approach hip replacement surgery, which, compared with other approaches, significantly shortens recovery and rehabilitation time. The "Hana" table was designed in 2005 by Dr. Joel Matta, a world renowned expert in the field. 

Hana Table: The Most Innovative and Advanced Operating Table in the World 

The "Hana" table enables surgeons to more easily perform anterior approach hip replacement surgery as the patient’s legs are placed in a special device which gives the leg freer and more accurate movement.  The table is unique in that it is able to lift the femur bone with a dedicated bone hook and an electric motor which gives the surgeon a better viewing and working angle, thereby providing the surgeon with optimal operating conditions.

The table is made of transparent material which is not observed by imaging methods, making it possible to take x-rays of the pelvis and the implanted hip during the surgery, giving the surgeon better control of the implant position and the leg length.

This advanced table can also be used to perform arthroscopic surgery of the hip, a minimally invasive procedure, designed to diagnose and treat various hip injuries that do not require hip joint replacement.

Every year, 600 joint replacement surgeries are performed at Ichilov Hospital; of which 350 are hip replacements.  The surgery can be performed using several surgical techniques. In recent years, surgeons have started performing the anterior approach surgical technique for hip replacement. The advantage of this approach lies in the fact that the muscles surrounding the joint are not cut resulting in a reduction the degree of postoperative pain, reduced rehabilitation time, and less need for walking aids.
According to Professor Moshe Salai, Director of the Division of Orthopedics: "Ichilov performs the highest number of hip replacement surgeries and repeat joint replacement surgeries of all the public hospitals in Israel. The new table is extremely popular with doctors and patients alike due to its many advantages. We recognized the importance in responding to the many requests we received to purchase and use the table. It should be emphasized that it is not possible to use the table and the new approach in every case; only in suitable cases." 

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The personal information that given on this website is confidential and will not be transferred to a third party.

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