Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital

The Center for Sleep Disturbances diagnoses, assesses and treats infants and children who suffer from sleep disturbances, sleep apneas and difficulty sleeping.
The clinic operates a pediatric sleep laboratory that performs sleep polysomnography examinations. Children are referred to the laboratory who suffer from suspected sleep apnea, who snor, awaken several times during the night, have symptoms of excessive tiredness, irritable or hyperactive children without clear causes, infants who inexplicably do not gain weight (especially if they snor), nightmares and sleepwalking.
The sleep polysomnography examination tests the different stages of sleep, effectiveness of sleep, number of awakenings during sleep, and sleep changes such as oxygen and carbon dioxide counts in the blood, airflow in the nose and mouth, and breathing exertion during sleep. Specially trained technicians, who work in conjunction with pediatricians, conduct the tests.
It is recommended that children be tested in the Pediatric Sleep Laboratory as it is designated specifically for infants and children.
Assessment and treatment are provided by a team of specialists who work together with pediatricians specialized in pulmonary diseases, neurology, ears, nose and throat and digestive tract diseases.

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Dana-Dwek Children's Hospital
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