Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital; Orthopedic Oncology Department

​The Pediatric Orthopedic Oncology Service treats children and adolescents within Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center’s Orthopedic Oncology Unit, recognized as a national center of excellence in pediatric orthopedic oncology by the Israeli Ministry of Health. Every Israeli child may receive treatment in the department, regardless of residence or health maintenance organization membership.

Center of excellence

The Pediatric Orthopedic Oncology Service serves as Israel’s surgical oncology center, and has an exclusive team of specialty surgeons trained in pediatric oncology surgery.

Children and adolescents suffering from cancer of the bone or soft tissue, who are referred for surgical intervention at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, continue treatment at their original referring facility. The department collaborates the orthopedic departments across the country.

Comprehensive care

The service applies a multidisciplinary therapeutic approach, and each patient receives, under one roof, the optimal treatment to recover and function with maximum quality of life.
The department has many of the discipline’s most sophisticated equipment to support outstanding care.

Scope of services

The service treats children with tumors, metabolic diseases, and tumor-like conditions (cancerous or pseudo-cancerous) of the skeletal system (bones and joints) and soft tissue – in the limbs, pelvis and shoulders, spine, thorax and abdominal wall. Certain head and neck conditions are also treated.

These diseases include:

  • Benign and malignant tumors (bone tumors, bone cancer, soft tissue tumors, and sarcoma)
  • Secondary malignant tumors (metastases)
  • Tumor-like conditions (infections or post-trauma conditions)
  • Conditions that require extreme surgery – for both cancer and non-cancerous conditions, such as severe infections or injuries


Advanced and innovative treatment methods

The primary purpose of the Pediatric Orthopedic Oncology Service is to eliminate the need for limb amputation by performing limb-sparing surgery.

The service uses innovative treatment methods and the most advanced technologies such as:

  • Implants, including elongating implants or bone grafts
  • Therapeutic methods, including cryopreservation
  • 3D technology for planning and preparing customized patient instrumentation (Patient Specific Instruments – PSI) for complex resections and reconstructions
  • Minimally invasive surgery: electrosurgery to treat benign tumors


The scope of services includes:

  • Initial clinic visit: The patient has an initial appointment and a comprehensive treatment plan is defined.
  • Follow-up clinic visit: Patient visits following surgery or other treatments
  • A broad range of surgeries, depending on the illness or medical condition
  • Collaborative multidisciplinary clinics with experts from a range of disciplines
  • Consultation and second opinions regarding treatments provided at other institutions


The service team

The service team is multidisciplinary, and care is provided with a comprehensive approach throughout the patient's life.

For small children, the objective is to maintain growth potential in order to prevent differences in limb lengths in the future. The Pediatric Orthopedics Department collaborates with the service to correct deformities or implement limb extension methods.

For optimal care, the service also collaborates closely with Pediatric Hemato-oncology, the Department of Plastic Surgery, the Peripheral Nerve Reconstruction Unit, the Vascular Surgery Unit, and the Skeletal Radiology Unit.

Inpatient care

Patients are hospitalized in the Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery Department. 

Unit details

Request an initial appointment: +972-3-697-4688 
Request a follow-up appointment: +972-3-697-4000 
Fax: +972-3-697-4690
Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital
Floor 2
Reception hours: Sunday to Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Department details

Request an initial appointment: +972-3-697-4688
Request a follow-up appointment: +972-3-697-4000
Fax: +972-3-697-4690
Dana-Dwek Children's Hospital
Floor 2

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