Innovation and Tech Transfer Office

Our mission is to promote the development of inventions and discoveries of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center team to fulfill their full potential for the benefit of society.


We do this by enhancing research and development, encouraging academic-industry collaboration and licensing of the intellectual property resulting from our team's work.

  • About the Innovation and Tech Transfer Office (ITTO)

    The unit was established to promote and transfer technologies developed at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center to the industry. TASMC staff inventions and knowhow is commercialized by ITTO.

  • For Inventors

    If you have a new idea which you think is new, innovative with some applicative potential (an invention), if you wish to find out more about the process of 'from idea to product' or you feel like a bit of "brain storming", we are here for you

  • For Industry

    The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center clinical and scientific research teams are continuously developing novel technologies. Find out more about our research activities and technologies available for licensing.