Outpatient Clinics

Prof. Itzhak Shapira
Deputy Director General In Charge

Prof. Itzhak Shapira

Nurse Manager

Ms. Eti Levy

To pay a visit to a hospital is an event everybody would prefer to waive, however, the staff at the Outpatients Clinics of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, together with you, do the utmost to make your visit as beneficial and pleasant as possible.


The Medical Center has undergone many changes regarding its personnel and infrastructure in order to provide better medical and administrative services. With your cooperation, we make every effort possible to achieve the best results, for you.


The Outpatients Clinics include 150 various units, in each and every field of medicine, and about 1,500,000 visits are recorded yearly. It is possible to approach directly the specific and the multidisciplinary (which combine together a number of medical disciplines) clinics as well as the MALRAM (the Institute for Special Medical Services). The appointments will be determined according to the patient’s condition and the physician’s availability.

Contact information

Phone: +972-3-697-4254