Aesthetic Medicine

Dermatology, Executive Health Program, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (Plastic Surgery)

Dr. Arik Zaretzki
Director of Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Arik Zaretzki

Dr. Ofir Arzi
Director of Aesthetic Dermatology

Dr. Ofir Arzi

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Since the beginning of time, people have been interested in how they look and have sought to improve their aesthetics. The definition of beauty has evolved with the times. Modern medicine has granted us long life; our work and social lives are rich and active. With the help of advanced technologies, we can preserve and perfect how we—women and men alike—look at any age.

Results that speak for themselves

At the Center for Aesthetic Medicine of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), patients have access to the broadest array of aesthetic treatments and surgeries for superior outcomes. All procedures are performed within the walls of one of the largest and most progressive medical centers in Israel—in a safe, monitored environment.

Masterful medicine

The Center for Aesthetic Medicine features a team of all-senior staff—physicians and specialists in dermatology and plastic surgery, who have the Medical Center’s advanced technologies and infrastructure at their disposal. The therapeutic materials used are proven safe and effective, approved by both the Israeli Ministry of Health and the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The center’s joint management spans the range of plastic surgery and dermatology services—for quality treatments that integrate across specialties.

An important choice

The decision to have an aesthetic procedure derives from an important need. Selecting the treatment type, professional facility, and treating physician—all these decisions need to be made with serious consideration, after detailed evaluation. The Center for Aesthetic Medicine recommends consulting with its experts before any aesthetic treatment, and to approach each treatment as a formal medical procedure.


Personalized care

Each patient and situation requires individualized attention by medical professionals. For general information, please select one of the following areas of expertise:


Aesthetic surgery

Nose reshaping, chin repositioning, ear pinning, tummy tuck, liposuction and other surgical procedures

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Aesthetic and laser treatment

Fixed-wrinkle filling, scar ablation, skin damage treatment, care for excessive sweating, tattoo removal, etc.

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Aesthetic surgery
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Aesthetic and laser treatment
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