Urology (Pediatrics)

Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital, Urology Department

Prof. Jacob Ben-Chaim
Unit Director

Prof. Jacob Ben-Chaim

Cilnic Nurse Manager

Ms. Ilana Holtzman

Ms. Lea Mata
Nurse Manager Peds General Surgery Department

Ms. Lea Mata

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The Pediatric Urology Unit of the ”Dana-Dwek” Children’s Hospital treats congenital deformities of the genitourinary tract of boys and girls.

The unit consults pregnant women who undergo ultra sound and find an expansion of the fetal kidneys and urinary tract, treats congenital hydronephrosis caused by various factors and treats urinary tract infections.

The unit also performs surgeries to correct hypospadias, epispadias, exotrophy of the urinary bladder, “intersex” conditions (“hermaphrodites,”) undescended testes and hydrocele.

The unit offers treatment for night wetting, day wetting and problems urinating, treatment for neurogenic bladder due to congenital defects of the closure in the spinal cord, neurological diseases, and tumors or injuries to the spinal cord. Additionally, the unit treats tumors in the kidneys, urinary tract and testes of children.

Contact information

Phone: 972-3-6974548


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Wed : 09:00 - 13:00, Sun: 09.30 - 12:00 (Once a two weeks)