Technologies available for licensing - Pharmaceuticals


A method of regulating proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes
TASMC # 2015-48, Field: Pharmaceuticals -> Dermatology -> Peptides / Proteins.
PI: Eli Sprecher.



 Adipocyte-specific constructs and method for inhibition of platelet-type 12 lipoxygenase expression
TASMC # 2015-42, Field: Pharmaceuticals -> Endocrinology -> Peptides / Proteins.
PI: Naftali Stern et al.


Use of blocking of bone morphogenic protein (BMP) signaling for treatment of neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases
TASMC # 2015-52, Field: Pharmaceuticals -> Neurology -> Small Molecule or Antibodies.
PI: Arnon Karni et al.


Compositions and methods for treating cancer
TASMC # 2015-79, Field: Pharmaceuticals -> oncology -> RNA / DNA Therapy.
PI: Nadir Arber et al.

Delayed wound healing in heat stable antigen [HSA/CD24]-deficient mice
TASMC # 2015-93, Field: Pharmaceuticals -> Oncology -> Peptides / Proteins.
PI: Nadir Arber et al.


The mammalian septin MSF-A, an oncogene in leukemia, augments hypoxia inducible factor (HIF) activity in prostate cells
TASMC # 2015-41, Field: Pharmaceuticals -> Urology -> Small Molecule.
PI: Nicola J. Mabjeesh.


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