Laboratory Medicine Division

The Laboratory Medicine Division of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center performs testing required by physicians for essential diagnosis, treatment and follow-up on their patients.


The Medical Center has over 20 laboratories that conduct tests for every medical specialty, including Clinical Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology and Endocrinology. In addition to routine testing, the Medical Center’s specialized laboratories conduct a wide range of unique examinations, placing the Medical Center among the best in Israel.


High level of laboratory staff expertise

Most laboratory staff members are highly experienced technicians, many with at least ten years of experience within their specialties. Many team members have academic training including PhDs (doctorates), and most of the personnel participate actively in continuing education that expands their professional knowledge base and contributes to their work in the laboratory.


Advanced laboratory equipment

The international-scale lab equipment is automated and advanced, with quality on par with the most prominent laboratories in the Western world.


Lab facilities

Many of the Medical Center's laboratories have been recently renovated for optional work conditions.


Quality control

Most of the laboratories have received the seal of the International Standards Organization (ISO 9002) as determined by the Standards Institution of Israel. Working under strict quality control assures the quality of the laboratory results. Doctors can trust the reliability of the results, safely depending upon them to determine plans of care.


Laboratory computerization

Most of the laboratories have been computerized in order to maintain quality throughout all of the laboratory work stages, to efficiently order equipment and materials, process clinical laboratory information and enable rapid communication between the laboratories and the departments. The laboratories maintain and manage demographic information and keep records of all laboratory results.


The lab result collection and distribution center

In order to optimize the processing of thousands of specimens sent to the laboratories every day, the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center was the first in Israel to establish a collection and distribution center for laboratory tests. This center significantly boosts laboratory functioning efficiency and minimizes the turn-around time for receiving laboratory results.


Enriching research

The laboratories contribute significantly to the clinical research conducted at the Medical Center thanks to their technological excellence and high level of staff expertise. These qualities improve the ongoing ability to diagnose and treat patients suffering from various illnesses.


Unique state-of-the-art tests

With the laboratory's level of modernization, new tests, among the most advanced in the world, are part of the routine work conducted in the laboratories. These tests, some of which have been developed and implemented for the first time at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, require a high level of professional skill. These world-leading tests include the identification of serious infectious diseases not successfully diagnosed using routine testing and advanced cytological and chemical testing techniques.

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Sourasky Building, Floor 2, Room 204

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