Imaging Division

The Division of Radiology at the Tel Aviv Medical Center performs more than 300,000 imaging examinations per year on in-patient and outpatient bases as part of diagnostic workup. The activity includes also training of radiologists, medical students and research.


A wide range of diagnostic and interventional procedures are performed on routine bases: Conventional X-ray; Ultrasound; Computerized Tomography (CT); Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and functional imaging of the brain (FMRI) and cutting edge image guided treatments using balloon catheters and stents for opening vascular occlusions, and treatment of liver secondary lesions using RF guided by ultrasound.

Contact information

Phone: X-Ray: +972-3-697-3316; Ultra sound: +972-3-697-4392;

Phone : Mammography: +972-3-697-3645; CT: +972-3-697-3525;

Phone: MRI: +972-3-697-3948


Sourasky Building, Floor 0 (Ground Floor), Wing E

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