Functional Brain Imaging (FMRI)

Imaging Division

The unit of Functional Brain Imaging within the MRI section performs brain mapping cerebral functions the unit provide both clinical and research services.

The clinical activity consists of pre-surgical brain scanning for patients with neurological afflictions (tumors, malformations or epileptic focal points) that require surgical intervention. The results of this scan are important for determining the surgical risk and determining the extent of surgery while preserving vital brain function such as vision, speech, movement of extremities, memory etc.

In research the FMRI lab cooperated with the Tel Aviv University, the Weizmann institute and other academic organizations, grants and scientists exchange.


In the last few years, many functional areas of the healthy brain have been mapped, including areas of language, hearing, vision, motor function, sensory function and memory and several behavioral observations were made and published in the scientific literature.


The examinations are non-invasive in nature and does not require an injection of radioactive or contract dye. Therefore, the test can be repeated a number of times, as needed, without any medical risk.

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