Long term research agreement

Tel Aviv Medical center (ICHILOV) and the international biotechnology company Biogen have signed a long term research agreement, in the aim to develop a drug for the prevention of Parkinson disease.


The agreement for joint research recently signed will facilitate several new research programs to search for treatments to slow the progression of PD.
 Prof. Ronni Gamzu, TASMC CEO:" This unique collaboration will place TASMC among the top leading medical centers worldwide in PD research"


The collaboration is between the global biotechnology company Biogen, whose headquarters are in Cambridge, MA, and researchers from Neurology, genetics and imaging departments of the medical center. This multidisciplinary group at TASMC, led by Prof. Nir Giladi, Director of Neurology Division and Prof. Avi Orr-Utreger, Director of Genetic Institute, has been working on various aspects of Parkinson disease for the past 10 years, with support from many competitive grants, with particular support from the Michael J. Fox foundation. Their research has produced important findings in the aspects of etiology, genetic and imaging of disease progression, published in numerous articles in leading scientific journals. The major findings established the high prevalence of monogenic forms of the disease and in particular in the Ashkenazi Jewish population. It is our aim that such population at high risk for PD should be the first to benefit from new medications which will be developed to treat the early stages of the disease and even prevent emergence of its debilitating symptoms.

The joint research program with Biogen will continue the research begun with the support of the Michal J. Fox Foundation. The study will generate data from the recruitment of several hundred PD patients, their family members, and persons without PD, using clinical, genetic and brain imaging assessments and follow up for up to 5 years The goal of the research is to investigate genetic and environmental factors affecting the course of the disease and its biological, clinical and genetic markers. This cohort is also designed to facilitate participation of Parkinson Disease patients at TASMC in clinical research in the new drugs developed for the prevention and inhibition of disease progression.