Cardiology (Pediatrics)

The Pediatric Cardiology Unit of the Dana Children’s Hospital diagnoses and treats congenital and acquired heart diseases in children ranging in age from newborns to 18 years. The unit diagnoses fetal heart defects in pregnant women at high risk for giving birth to an infant with a defect. The unit also diagnoses women who have been referred by their treating physician for special testing in addition to routine scanning examinations.


The examinations conducted by the unit are more detailed and sensitive than routine tests and therefore enable diagnosis of changes in the structure, function, heartbeat and blood flow of the fetal heart. Medical treatment for fetal arrhythmia is administered via the mother.


The unit treats children who suffer from arrhythmias (in coordination with the Cardiac Electrophysiology Unit) including invasive procedures for the ablation of accessory pathways or ectopic foci.


Both children and adults up to age 18who suffer from undiagnosed recurrent fainting or recurrent dizziness are referred to the unit for evaluation. The unit uses the tilt table examination to diagnose causal factors of recurrent syncope.

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Phone: 972-3-6974521


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